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What’s Calvert Catholic School Really Like? Here’s an Inside Look

Many schools are too focused on a fixed curriculum and students are just a number. Here at Calvert, we have a passion for our students to grow, learn, and succeed that goes beyond the textbooks and testing.

Rachel Griffith, the Marketing & Communication Coordinator at Calvert, shared her insight into all the Calvert family has to offer.

Affordability is a primary goal for the Calvert administration.

“There is so much value in a Catholic education,” says Rachel. “Everybody here receives a scholarship, no matter who you are. Every single family gets some type of scholarship support, whether that’s a tuition discount or financial or merit scholarship. We want to eliminate the stigma that a quality education is unaffordable. We truly care about the students here.”

Because of the great experience students have at Calvert, the school has a committed alumni donor base that believes in the mission of the school system.

“Our alumni love Calvert and they want the current students to excel and succeed,” Rachel shares. “They take great pride in the school and are eager to give back.”

Another compelling factor that draws families from a wide geographic region around Tiffin is Calvert’s academic excellence.

“Our staff is dedicated to helping our students and they want them to succeed,” Rachel reveals. “It’s more than just a job to them; they want our kids to go on and do great things. It’s hard to find the care our faculty has for these students anywhere else.”

In addition, with smaller class sizes, students truly benefit from individual attention.

“Our teachers are able to provide personalized education that accommodates each student’s academic needs,” Rachel shares. “They have the freedom to challenge advanced students or give extra attention to a student who may struggle with a particular concept. You won’t find this in every school.”

The teachers and staff at Calvert don’t limit their connection with students to the classroom.

“You’ll often find many of our teachers at extracurricular activities, like sports, music or theater,” Rachel says. “Our kids know they matter. The Calvert community is truly like a family.”

Rachel encourages families to explore what Calvert has to offer.

“We have strong academics, strong athletics, and strong extracurriculars,” Rachel says. “I encourage people to come and experience Calvert first hand. We’re an all-around wonderful place for children to grow in their faith, academics, and life skills.”

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like inside Calvert, schedule a personal tour with Rachel at ( or phone (419-446-3844 ext. 104). Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, start your application today!

Your First Day of School At Calvert Catholic

The hustle and bustle of drop off and pick up…Children full of energy…Pages turning and pencils moving…These are just a few of the signs that school is back in session. 

At Calvert Catholic, the first few days of school look a little bit different than they might for public school students…And that’s on purpose! Here’s an up-close look at how we ease kids into the start of a new school year so they’re positioned for success. 

An early look.

Before school starts, we hold an open house for children in all grades. Students get a chance to see their lockers, classrooms, and meet their teachers before the school year begins, so they can become familiar and comfortable with their surroundings. 

We start in phases.

Day 1: The older leaders. The first day of school will include the older grades in each building, grades 9 through 12 and 4th and 5th. We bring in the oldest kids from each building first, to set expectations for these older students so they can be leaders and role models for the younger students in the building. 

Day 2: The younger kiddos. On the second day of school, kids in Pre-K through 3rd grade, and 6th through 8th grades come in for the first time—without the older kids present. This gives the younger students a chance to experience their new classrooms and surroundings without the overwhelming addition of a bigger crowd. 

Day 3: One big happy family. On the third day of school, every grade is present and the normalcy of the new school year begins. From the very first day, however, students will be surrounded by Calvert’s full staff, teachers, and both priests to create a welcoming, helpful, and nurturing start to the year. 

All School Mass.

During the second week of school, we hold an all-school Mass on the East Green at the outdoor amphitheater. This kicks off the school year with Mass for all grades, and all families are invited to attend, setting the tone for the new year and bringing the entire school community together in an exciting and welcoming way. 

Special classes and events.

Each new year brings new opportunities for our students. We offer special classes to help set our students up for success in their next chapter of life, and we encourage students to be involved in the Calvert community. 

Every senior is required to take a financial literacy class. With this basic financial knowledge under their belt, we trust that our seniors will move into life after high school as knowledgeable, responsible adults. In addition, our middle school students take courses throughout their three years at the Academy called “Badging Classes.” During these classes, they learn life skills and study skills, such as time management, note-taking, health, safety, and household responsibilities, self-awareness, conflict resolution, and communication. 

We encourage all of our students to get involved in the Calvert community, whether it is through participating in extracurricular activities or cheering on your fellow classmates. To help students get to know each other and support one another, all Calvert Catholic students have the opportunity to attend home sporting events for free. Are you ready to start your first day at Calvert Catholic? 

Calvert Catholic is a private, Christian school in Tiffin, Ohio. Calvert provides affordable private education for children Pre-K through 12th grade focused on academic excellence in a nurturing environment. For more information about Calvert Catholic Schools, visit our website.

How One Family’s Disappointment Turned Into The Opportunity To Become Part Of The Calvert Family

Angie and Aron Sheets were fully invested in their children’s Catholic school and their daughters loved it. So when they found out their local school was closing, they were devastated. 

Their search for a new school led them to investigate Calvert Catholic Schools. Through connections with other Calvert families in extra curricular activities and who had already transitioned into Calvert, along with several visits to the school, the choice soon became clear.

“Our girls were struck by the respect the other students had for teachers and administration. And they liked the religious components of the school, like having prayer incorporated into daily classroom activities,” Angie said. “Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, too.”

Because the family didn’t live in Tiffin, the commitment to make the 25 mile trek every day had to be secured from everyone.

“Because both my husband and I work full time, and as the girls got involved in extracurriculars, we would likely need help with the drive,” Angie said. “So we involved everyone in our family, even extended family, in this decision.”

With everyone on board to help, the Sheets family knew they found in Calvert a place where families had similar values, faith, and were raising their children in a similar manner.

Three years later, and fully invested in the Calvert community, Angie says they don’t have any regrets.

“The only regret our girls have is that we didn’t move closer and live in the same community,” Angie said. 

If she could tell families that are considering making the move to Calvert one thing, Angie said: “Take the leap of faith and just do it. It’s well worth it. You have to decide what your priorities are. Calvert checks all those boxes. You get the complete package.”

Take the next step to pave the way for your child’s academic success by starting your application today. 

Here’s Why Calvert Catholic Schools Shines

At Calvert, we know all of our teachers are amazing. So it’s not a surprise when they receive accolades from students, parents, or even the public. Recently, one of our teachers and former student, Mary Claire Griffin, received the Golden Apple award. The Golden Apple award is given to “individuals who have dedicated their lives to Catholic education,” and awarded by the Diocese of  Toledo.

We thought this was an exciting recognition for our current 4th grade teacher, but it’s really representative of how amazing all of our teachers and staff are. 

As a homegrown product of our schools, Griffin has a unique perspective as a student, a parent of students, and now, a teacher.

“I’m a graduate of Calvert. I went through the whole system, from Kindergarten through to High School graduation. So did my five siblings. Both of my parents are graduates of Calvert as well,” says Griffin. “After graduating from the University of Dayton and when my husband and I moved back to Tiffin, it was a natural fit to have my own classroom in the school once my son entered Kindergarten here.”

Griffin believes Calvert offers students a place to thrive. The staff care about the children as if they are family. 

“The community aspect of Calvert is very special here. We’re a family. And we really live our faith in this school,” says Griffin. “The environment is very positive. The teachers not only know the names of every child in their own classroom, but in the other classrooms, too. Every child feels loved, accepted and special.”

Griffin is particularly proud of the school’s academics.

“Academically, we are always growing and evolving – even over the eight years I’ve worked here. Our administrators are remarkable. They are always thinking six steps ahead to make our program academically rigorous and competitive,” she says. “Our STEAM program is amazing. Our STEAM teacher holds a degree in STEAM, which is really amazing. Our music teacher has toured with Travis Tritt, so he’s not only talented, but is amazing with the kids. Our art program progresses beautifully from Kindergarten through 12th grade.”

The small nature of the school also gives teachers and administrators more flexibility to create new programs, address challenges, and meet students’ needs.

“Every teacher is pushed to tailor programs to the students’ various educational needs, whether that’s a child with special needs or a gifted student,” says Griffin. “Because of our size, we’re able to do that.”

If your family is ready to join the Calvert Catholic Schools’ community, reach out to start your application and let your student shine!

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