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What’s Calvert Catholic School Really Like? Here’s an Inside Look

September 16, 2022

Many schools are too focused on a fixed curriculum and students are just a number. Here at Calvert, we have a passion for our students to grow, learn, and succeed that goes beyond the textbooks and testing.

Rachel Griffith, the Marketing & Communication Coordinator at Calvert, shared her insight into all the Calvert family has to offer.

Affordability is a primary goal for the Calvert administration.

“There is so much value in a Catholic education,” says Rachel. “Everybody here receives a scholarship, no matter who you are. Every single family gets some type of scholarship support, whether that’s a tuition discount or financial or merit scholarship. We want to eliminate the stigma that a quality education is unaffordable. We truly care about the students here.”

Because of the great experience students have at Calvert, the school has a committed alumni donor base that believes in the mission of the school system.

“Our alumni love Calvert and they want the current students to excel and succeed,” Rachel shares. “They take great pride in the school and are eager to give back.”

Another compelling factor that draws families from a wide geographic region around Tiffin is Calvert’s academic excellence.

“Our staff is dedicated to helping our students and they want them to succeed,” Rachel reveals. “It’s more than just a job to them; they want our kids to go on and do great things. It’s hard to find the care our faculty has for these students anywhere else.”

In addition, with smaller class sizes, students truly benefit from individual attention.

“Our teachers are able to provide personalized education that accommodates each student’s academic needs,” Rachel shares. “They have the freedom to challenge advanced students or give extra attention to a student who may struggle with a particular concept. You won’t find this in every school.”

The teachers and staff at Calvert don’t limit their connection with students to the classroom.

“You’ll often find many of our teachers at extracurricular activities, like sports, music or theater,” Rachel says. “Our kids know they matter. The Calvert community is truly like a family.”

Rachel encourages families to explore what Calvert has to offer.

“We have strong academics, strong athletics, and strong extracurriculars,” Rachel says. “I encourage people to come and experience Calvert first hand. We’re an all-around wonderful place for children to grow in their faith, academics, and life skills.”

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like inside Calvert, schedule a personal tour with Rachel at ( or phone (419-446-3844 ext. 104). Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, start your application today!

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