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Affordable Private
Education for Your Child

Built on family values and run by a caring, committed staff, invest in your child’s education with Calvert and set them up for a bright and fulfilling future.

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Family-Minded, Christ-Centered

Since 1923, Calvert has been committed to providing exceptional, affordable education founded by Christian principles to families in the Tiffin area. Over the last century many of our students have grown to not only lead successful lives and careers but have also gone on to become respected local leaders in their communities. 

Currently Enrolling Preschool and Kindergarten

You have high hopes and dreams for your child and their future. But starting their academic journey can be a challenging decision with real concerns. By becoming a part of the Calvert family you enroll your student into a welcoming and supportive faith-based environment that not only provides a fun space to explore and learn, but one that takes their academic, social, and spiritual growth to heart. 

You’re invited to experience the deep level of care and involvement Calvert Catholic Schools offers students of all ages. If this sounds like a fit for your family, we encourage you to start the journey by enrolling them in the upcoming school year. To learn about tuition assistance opportunities, contact our friendly staff.

Have older children ready to enroll at Calvert? We are also accepting applications for students of all grades.


A Step in the Right Direction

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Let’s get to know each other and answer your questions.


Discover the culture firsthand while taking a tour.

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Complete the necessary application documents.

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Watch your child learn and flourish through their years at Calvert.

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