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How One Family’s Disappointment Turned Into The Opportunity To Become Part Of The Calvert Family

July 21, 2022

Angie and Aron Sheets were fully invested in their children’s Catholic school and their daughters loved it. So when they found out their local school was closing, they were devastated. 

Their search for a new school led them to investigate Calvert Catholic Schools. Through connections with other Calvert families in extra curricular activities and who had already transitioned into Calvert, along with several visits to the school, the choice soon became clear.

“Our girls were struck by the respect the other students had for teachers and administration. And they liked the religious components of the school, like having prayer incorporated into daily classroom activities,” Angie said. “Everyone was really friendly and welcoming, too.”

Because the family didn’t live in Tiffin, the commitment to make the 25 mile trek every day had to be secured from everyone.

“Because both my husband and I work full time, and as the girls got involved in extracurriculars, we would likely need help with the drive,” Angie said. “So we involved everyone in our family, even extended family, in this decision.”

With everyone on board to help, the Sheets family knew they found in Calvert a place where families had similar values, faith, and were raising their children in a similar manner.

Three years later, and fully invested in the Calvert community, Angie says they don’t have any regrets.

“The only regret our girls have is that we didn’t move closer and live in the same community,” Angie said. 

If she could tell families that are considering making the move to Calvert one thing, Angie said: “Take the leap of faith and just do it. It’s well worth it. You have to decide what your priorities are. Calvert checks all those boxes. You get the complete package.”

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