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Calvert Spotlight: Why This Family Drives 30 Minutes to School

Once Bethany and Scott Parsell got an inside look at Calvert, they never looked back and were willing to drive the 30 minutes one way for their children to have the Calvert experience.

“We took a tour, and instantly, I felt so comfortable. I felt at home. And the kids loved it,” says Bethany. “It provided everything we were looking for in a school: A truly challenging environment academically, diversity, and lots of extracurriculars.”

The Parsells wanted a well-rounded, challenging curriculum for their 2nd and 4th graders, as well as a third child who isn’t yet in elementary school. So they were impressed with the school’s focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).

Calvert’s classes start with Kindergarten and go all the way up to 12th grade. The Parsells were attracted to the family-like atmosphere and dedicated, caring teachers and administration that would know their kids all the way through to the end of their schooling.

“They have an art teacher, and they have a music teacher. They offer a lot more options than some other private schools,” says Bethany. “And they have diversity there. There are male teachers and people from different backgrounds. It’s important to us that our children are exposed to that kind of environment.”

There was one other factor that really caught the Parsells’ attention too.

“Calvert still takes the kids on field trips,” says Bethany. “Even in public schools, that has fallen by the wayside because financially it’s not an option. But I think that just enriches the educational experience so much.”

Perhaps most significant to the Parsells is the dedicated and caring teachers and administrative staff. Once they enrolled their two children in the school, Bethany and her husband were struck by how attentive teachers were to her two children, one of whom has unique needs.

“The teachers go out of their way to accommodate each of our children,” says Bethany. “I’ve noticed that for both of my children. The teachers are just really sensitive. It makes us trust that the staff truly cares. I don’t think twice about sending them there.”

The Parsells have also seen their children really grow spiritually, along with another surprising outcome.

“The school helped us grow as parents. We even transferred parishes to one in Tiffin, because of what our kids were learning in school and the values the school was instilling in them. It was giving something to us, too.“

The Parsell family’s experience is not uncommon. Come experience Calvert for yourself. Request more information or give us a call with your questions!

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